Puppy Friday: Teddy-ADOPTED!


Meet Teddy, a boxer/shepherd mix who’s about 4 months old (and still growing!). His delightful personality matches his size, and he’s one of the most wonderful puppies I’ve worked with.


You can see the boxer part of him in his cute underbite. It makes for some interesting “pouty” expressions because he’s actually not pouting, he’s just asking for more treats. 🙂


As you can tell, Teddy is very food motivated and already knows ‘sit’ and is learning ‘down.’ He’s going to be a champ in obedience classes and he’s very attentive towards you. I had to persuade him that I wasn’t going to leave him that soon (he kept hugging me like he didn’t want me to go) and left him with a big Kong so he wouldn’t feel bad.


Teddy is aptly named because he is very lovable, like a teddy bear. It’s very hard to resist him when he sits like this with his little paws stuck out and he looks up at you with great big puppy eyes. You can tell he tries so hard.


I didn’t get a chance to work with him in a bigger pen, but Teddy is also very playful. He likes toys but appears to likes people more 🙂


I also had an opportunity to capture Teddy’s smile- and what a big happy smile it is!


Teddy would be a wonderful addition to a family and would be fun for older children (especially since he’s so eager to please). He would also probably be a fun dog to take to the dog park (if his personality is any indication, he’d be the social butterfly of the group!).


Did I also mention that he IS as cuddly as he looks? I couldn’t get a good photo, but we spent some time scratching various parts of his body: behind his ears, his forehead, under his chin, his ribs, his belly… and all the time, his tail is wagging furiously as it can to let you know he is happy.


If you think Teddy would be a good fit for you, please come visit him in Kennel 37. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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