Featured Dog: Fletcher – ADOPTED!


Hey, who’s this extra-happy dog here? That would be Fletcher, a 2-years old Jack Russell Terrier, who has just finished playing fetch!


Like most JRTs, Fletcher is a very energetic and athletic dog. You can even throw toys from a chair if you get tired- Fletcher jumps right into your lap when he brings back the toy and drops it right there! I even have a sort of video (it’s from my point of view as Fletcher jumps on my lap):


Because of his excellent food-motivation skills and athleticism, Fletcher would be great dog for agility or flyball. He would also make a great running companion, although he would prefer to have a job (aka chasing a toy as opposed to just running for running’s sake).


One other thing that made me laugh was that Fletcher would also try to accept treats while having the toy still in his mouth. He couldn’t figure out how to drop the toy and then take the treat.  After a while, he just gave up and spat everything out and finally ate his treats. He’s going to be a very entertaining dog, that’s for sure.


If you are interested in Fletcher (or JRTs), please come visit him in Kennel 44. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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4 Responses to Featured Dog: Fletcher – ADOPTED!

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  2. Karen Morgan says:

    Please let me know if or when this dog will be put down. I have 2 JRT’s, one is 15 and the other is only 11 but she has a fibrosarcoma in the sinus cavity.
    Although I am not ready to bring home another dog I would foster him before I would allow him to be put to sleep.

    • bullcitydogs says:

      I do not know and do not have a say in whether this dog will be put down, but if you are interested in fostering, please call or come to APS to fill out a foster application. We are reaching peak capacity for dogs and low on number of foster homes, so we would appreciate any fosters who would be available and willing.

  3. Brett Andrews says:

    I paid the deposit for Fletcher today. I am eager to hear back from APS as to when my dad and I can come to pick him up. I promise Fletch will be provided with plenty of friends, family, and toys to play with. He is alreayd being called a grandchild, so you can trust he will be in good hands!

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