Puppy Friday: Serena – ADOPTED!


Meet shy little Serena, a 3 months old Lab mix.  She came to the shelter with her sister, who has been adopted.


The thing is, Serena does not bond very easily to potential adopters, because her first instinct is to back away and stay in the corner farthest away from you.  This is unfortunate, because Serena is a truly wonderful puppy who is very food motivated, loves to run/play with toys, and gets along with other dogs.


Every day, Serena is getting better at not being afraid of new things. We started leash training yesterday and after a while, she got used to it and did not back away as much.


She would do very well in a household with a steady, predictable routine. She would also do well in a home where there was always someone around in the house (stay at home parents or folks who work at home).


Since she gets along with other dogs, and maybe an older, calmer and wiser dog will help her with building up her confidence.


If you think have the patience and love for this little girl, please come visit her in Kennel P4. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

UPDATE: Here’s a recent video of Serena, complete with a kiss at the end!

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