Featured Dog: Loretta – ADOPTED!


This is Loretta, a Shepherd? Husky? mix who looks about young adult size (around a year old, maybe?). There is not very much information on her at this time because she’s recovering from being left alone in the shelter parking lot. Needless to say, she’s working on her abandonment and trust issues.


Here is what I do know: Loretta can be afraid and shy at times but tries really hard to overcome her fears, usually with the help of whoever with her (she seems to understands that people who give her treats are a-ok).


She really likes to be petted- she’s very soft and she kept leaning against me, slipping in and out of my arms, and trying to find the best spot for her head on my lap.


Loretta has also become amazingly playful – she positively lights up when she sees a treat, and sometimes literally jumps up- but she’s very polite and sits well.


Sometimes she just gets downright silly.


But for most part, she is very willing and eager to get to know you and be loved. If you are willing to give that kind of love she needs please come see this sweet girl in Kennel 41 out (or ask for her at the front desk).


For more information on Loretta, please email doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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