Puppy Friday: Gilbert – ADOPTED!

(please excuse the camera strap)

Meet Gilbert, a soulful-looking Boxer mix who’s about 5 months old. He’s slightly underweight, but the good new is that he’s very food motivated, so he’s doing very nicely.


Can you tell Gilbert already knows ‘sit’ and does it like a pro?


He is also very accomplished in the art of “begging through big puppy eyes.” He doesn’t take advantage of that because he really doesn’t have to- he really is very sweet, affectionate, and loves to be petted.


He’s also a bit of a leaner, and while he isn’t exactly a lapdog, he loves to be near you.


Recently, Gilbert got the clearance to go on walks and he’s adapted very well to leash-training (just give him a treat and he’s ready to go!). He’s also working on his jumping, though he responds very well when you tell him ‘Gilbert, sit!” I even have a video for you…


Did I mention that Gilbert also gets along well with other dogs? He would be a fabulous second dog, *the* dog for boxer lovers (he’s so gentle!), or just a great dog overall for first-time dog owners.


If you’re interested in Gilbert, please come see him in Kennel P9. [Update: he’s been moved to a different kennel a few doors away from his old one.]


For more information on Gilbert, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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