Featured Dog: Louisa – ADOPTED!


This happy girl is Louisa, a Pit/hound mix puppy who’s about 6 months old. She really is as sweet and delightful as she appears in the photos- she adores people and is quite well behaved.


For example, she walks very well on a leash and rarely pulls (except maybe in the beginning when she’s all excited).


She also knows ‘sit’ very well and is very attentive for food treats, although she also loves it when you give a hug or an ear scratch.


She also poses very well for photos- one of the best models I’ve had.


And those ears! So pink and floppy and upright, all at the same time.


Can you see that this girl is really special, and that she wants very much to be with you?


Louisa gets along with other dogs and would be a great second dog. She likes people more than she likes toys, but that may change with another dog around 🙂


Louisa will be a wonderful dog to train, and she may even enjoy high-energy activities such as running/hiking alongside you. It’s a little odd that I didn’t find her high energy, considering her age and looks, but she has fairly good self control and all of her energy seems to go into making sure that she stays in your lap!


If you are interested in a beautiful, trainable, and snuggly dog, please consider visiting Louisa in Kennel 38.


For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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