Puppy Friday: Sonya – ADOPTED!


Oh man. This irresistible puppy is Sonya, a 3 months old blue tick hound mix (that’s why she has all these freckles).


It is very hard not to love her, not because she’s really adorable, but because she’s such a good and fun puppy.


For starters, she likes being cuddled and petted while on your lap, and she gives little kisses in return.


She also loves treats and is highly food motivated- all good signs that she’ll do well with obedience training.


Can you tell that she’s also very attentive and focused?


In fact, in less than a week, Sonya learned ‘sit’ and does it quite well.


I’d also have to say she also picked up a few tricks, unwittingly, on the way.


Such as using her big, round eyes to convince you that she is indeed worthy of such delicious treats. Or tilting her head. Or lifting one ear up. Isn’t she smart like that? 🙂


SIf you find Sonya irresistible, please come visit her in Kennel 48- she’s wwith her brother Solomon who looks quite different from her!


For more information on Sonya, please email doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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