Featured Dog: Calvin – ADOPTED!


Do you love labs? You should meet Calvin, a very fun lab/pit mix who’s about a year old. He’s not really black- he’s sort of a grayish blue in very bright light, which is unsual for a labrador retriever. Maybe there’s some Great Dane in there- he IS kinda big for his size.


Like most labs his age, Calvin is full of energy! He particularly loves to run, whether or not there’s a toy available. It might have been the frigid weather, but you can tell he loves to run and play.


He’s also very food motivated, and sits very nicely for treats. Sometimes he gets overexcited and body-jumps you, but after one stern reprimand, he’s very apologetic. After all, he does have a lot to learn, and I think he’d like obedience school.


Calvin gets along with other dogs, so if you have another energetic dog on your hands who needs a 4-legged (as opposed to 2-legged) companion, Calvin would be a wonderful choice. The two dogs can tire each other out and you can get a little break!


I thought I’d show you a bit of Calvin’s athletic prowess. Isn’t he faster than a speeding bullet?


If you are interested in Calvin, please come see him in Kennel 35. For more information on Calvin, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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