Puppy Friday: Joel – ADOPTED!

lab/shepherd/pointer mix puppies

Say hello to wee Joel, a 3-months old lab mix puppy.

lab/shepherd/pointer mix puppies

He seems smallest of his litter of 9 puppies, but he makes up for his size with his amazing focus. As you can see, he is quite food motivated, knows ‘sit’ and is very interested in you!

lab/shepherd/pointer mix puppies

He’s also very playful- he can make a game out of anything. He gets along with his sibling and kennelmate Vince, so he’d probably be fine with other dogs.

lab/shepherd/pointer mix puppies

If you are interested in this cute puppy, please come visit Joel in Kennel 2.

lab/shepherd/pointer mix puppies

For more information on Joel, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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3 Responses to Puppy Friday: Joel – ADOPTED!

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  2. Jennifer says:

    My family is so lucky to have adopted Joel (currently known as Dante). He plays so well with other dogs and loves all people. We absolutely adore him! Thanks for posting this blog; I love the pictures and captions. Everything you said about him is spot on!

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