Puppy Friday: Nora – ADOPTED!


Meet Nora, a very sweet brown brindle lab mix puppy who’s about 3 months old.


As you can tell, she is very attentive and knows her ‘sits.’


Actually, she’s been that way since I first met her. This is maybe two weeks from the photos with white floor. You can tell she’s gotten more confident since then!


She really is cute, isn’t she?


While she’s gotten a bit more svelte and confident, she’s still a fun puppy.


She loves to play with toys, play with other puppies, and come to you for snuggles.


She’s so food motivated that I and other volunteers have trained her some basic agility, such as jumping over a rod, and she’s quite a pro at it. In fact, she can ignore other dogs to listen to you as long as there is a treat at the other end for her!


Impressive, no?


If you think this is the puppy for you, please come visit Nora in Kennel P7.


Bonus: a video from when I first met her.

For more information on Nora, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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