Puppy Friday: Wyatt – ADOPTED!

Update: Only one of these puppies is available. His name is Wyatt, and here’s a video of him during a socialization session:

Wyatt is the puppy that does not have a white spot on his forehead (the first and second photos below). If you would like to see him, he is currently in Kennel 10.

The following are male 2-3 months old pit/mastiff puppies, both male. They are quite roly-poly, waddle while walking, have skin that is a little too big for them, and are very playful, food motivated, and a tiny bit mischievous. They will benefit from going to puppy class, and would be a very fun addition to a household. Every time I socialize with these puppies they make me laugh with their antics.

pit/mastiff puppies

A rare quiet moment in sunshine.

pit/mastiff puppies

Being a lapdog (probably not advised when fullgrown 🙂

pit/mastiff puppies

Learning to sit.

pit/mastiff puppies

Just hanging there!

pit/mastiff puppies

I think this one likes my knee.

pit/mastiff puppies

Looking a little sleepy.

pit/mastiff puppies

Accepting treats.

pit/mastiff puppies

Still learning how to sit.

If you are interested in any of these puppies, please visit them in Kennel 30. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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