Puppy Friday: Daisy – ADOPTED!


This sweet goofball of a puppy is Daisy, a 4 months old chocolate lab puppy.


Daisy already knows sit and is very food motivated, though she can get quite excited at the prospect of food treats.


You can’t really tell from the pictures, but Daisy loves to jump. We’re working on having her channel that energy in simple agility tasks, but it is fun (and funny) to watch her move like she has springs in her back legs!

Here is a video:


Daisy would be a great dog for lab-lovers, and she seems to get along with other dogs. She’d be a great jogging partner.


Daisy also loves to play- she has to have a toy in her mouth! She doesn’t quite understand fetch (she is more of a ‘chase’ than ‘fetch’ at the moment) but is still learning.


If you are interested in this sweet girl, please visit Daisy in Kennel 3. For more information on Daisy, please e-mail doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.



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2 Responses to Puppy Friday: Daisy – ADOPTED!

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  2. AngieK says:

    I’m so glad Daisy was adopted! She looks like she has a great potential for dog agility training!

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