Puppy Friday: Rory – ADOPTED!


This is Rory, a 3-months old lab/sharpei puppy. I used to call him “Red” because he was the reddest of all his siblings (they all look nothing like each other!). You can see the post on his siblings here (they’ve went to good homes, hurrah!).

p7 puppies

Little Rory is still looking for a home of his own, and if you think he looks cute and warmfuzzy from the photos, wait until you meet him in person!

p7 puppies

Rory was originally a little timid and not sure what to make of the food treats or toys, but now he loves toys (the lab part of him is kicking in) and is getting more motivated by food each day.

p7 puppies

Food or not, Rory has no problems understanding ‘sit’ and does a very nice job.

p7 puppies

His ears are his most distinguishing feature. You can tell he’s thinking very hard when his ears open and close. (Being a puppy is hard work, you know…). Here’s a video:

p7 puppies

Rory also likes to snuggle in your lap, and he enjoys being petted, especially on his belly and behind his ears.

p7 puppies

Rory is a fairly gentle puppy (his energy level only shows up when he chases a toy) and somehow manages to endear himself to everyone he’s met. I’ve seen many folks stop by and go ‘Awwwwww’ and Rory sits up straighter, hoping they’ll take him home.

p7 puppies

All Rory really needs is a kind and loving home, a steady routine of walk/play/affection, and go to puppy school classes  (so he can make other canine friends and learn other tricks).

p7 puppies

If you are interested in Rory, please visit him in Kennel 39.

p7 puppies

For more information on Rory, e-mail doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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One Response to Puppy Friday: Rory – ADOPTED!

  1. Laurel says:

    I just adopted this puppy yesterday!! I can’t wait to bring him home and so we can start our life together! I already have his new tags made up, and as of tormorrow or thursday, Rory will hence be known as Loki. c:

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