Puppy Friday: Roxy – ADOPTED!


This little girl who is not really sticking her tongue out at you is Roxy, a 3 months old pit mix puppy.


Roxy is just very food motivated. When she sits and you hold the treat up for a couple more seconds, she starts salivating a bit…hence the tongue. Sometimes she’ll even “talk” to you impatiently.


All the silly habits aside, Roxy is actually a very trainable puppy and sits very readily and easily for treats.


See that focus?


In addition, Roxy is also very toy motivated. She loves to play with her toys, and will run across/around the room many times just trying to get that darn squeaker to be quiet.


Roxy would love to be with someone who has a fairly active lifestyle- hiking, running, jogging. She would also love to go to agility classes after some time at puppy school, given her intense focus.


You may or may not have seen Roxy before with her litter here. Her sister Shasta (the one with black ears) is also still available for adoption.


If you are interested in Roxy, please visit her in Kennel P4. For more information on Roxy, please e-mail doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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