Featured Dog: Lionel – ADOPTED!


See the cute fluffball above? That’s Lionel, a 4 month old collie/shepherd mix puppy. He is incredibly food motivated and hasn’t quite mastered the art of distinguishing between fingers and actual treat yet, but is getting there.


See that focus? He is also very high energy– he would LOVE to be your running partner or chase butterflies or go after a tennis ball. So if you are the energetic sort or would like a little company while going on a run, he would be more than happy to accompany you. He adores playing with toys, so a fenced yard with lots of toys would be ideal. Lionel gets along with other dogs as well and would probably love to go to the dog park or be a second canine companion to your older (and tolerant) canine (especially if it is a female).


So if you are looking for a puppy to encourage you to go out and enjoy this fine weather these days, Lionel would be a good choice. Just look at the smile you’ll get at the end of a good walk/play/run!


If you are interested in Lionel, please come visit Lionel in Kennel 17. For more information on Lionel, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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