Featured Dog: Hershey – ADOPTED!


It’s my pleasure to introduce Hershey, a 7 months old lab/pit mix who’s going to be a little on the small side (about 25 lbs when he’s fullgrown).


Yes, he really does look that happy all the time. He is food motivated and knows ‘sit’ but also loves to just lie on the grass and receive bellyrubs or be petted.


He also loves toys, though it was a little too hot for him to play that day. He was a little confused at the beginning of the walk, because he wanted to play immediately and I had to tell him we had to have a little walk first. He gave me a metaphorical shrug and just ambled along his merry way.


He apparently is also a budding photographer-model, because he knew where he’d look his best. I personally think he’s trying to audition for the part of ringbearer in future weddings, but you never know.


Chocolate and spring blossoms…what more could you need?


I think he needs to be on the cover of some magazine.


But don’t worry, fame wouldn’t go into his head. Hershey is a very relaxed guy at heart.


I can imagine him sitting next to you on the porch, or on the grass in the backyard, watching the sun go down, and just chilling out (especially if he’s played all day!). I like to think of him as the dog who really does make you appreciate little things in life.


Hershey gets along very well with other dogs, and would be a terrific second dog.


If you are interested in Hershey, please come visit him in Kennel 2. For more information on Hershey, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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2 Responses to Featured Dog: Hershey – ADOPTED!

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  2. Kate says:

    I love him! He’s such a happy, adorable, little dog!

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