Puppy Friday: Shasta – GBNF


This is Shasta, a 4 months old hound/pit mix puppy who’s waiting very patiently for her forever home.


She’s very food motivated and already knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’ and would love to go to puppy school to learn more tricks.


As you can see, Shasta is also extremely attentive. I don’t know what she’ll be like during her future walks, but I can imagine her stopping and turning around to check in with you to make sure she’s doing the right thing.


Shasta is very good at saying ‘please’ with her eyes, don’t you think?


One of the things that amuses me is how roly-poly Shasta is. She was one of the three puppies that came into the shelter in February. Here’s the post if you want to compare how small she was then.


She’s come a long way, from being a people-shy puppy to a social, affectionate (it may not happen right away, but when you least expect it, she will lick your ears!), not-yet-young-adult-but-not-quite-a-puppy.


I think she’ll be a fairly energetic dog, and she would love to go for runs or play fetch with toys.


Since she enjoys playing with other puppies, she would be a great dog to take to a dog park or to keep your own canine company.


Shasta loves toys and would spend hours chewing on them. She also adores kongs and is very focused when it comes to getting peanut butter out of them.


Here are two videos showing Shasta in action:

If you are interested in Shasta, please come visit her in Kennel 13. For more information on Shasta, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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3 Responses to Puppy Friday: Shasta – GBNF

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  2. Joe says:

    Is Shasta still looking for a home? Interested.

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