Puppy Friday: Ebonie – ADOPTED!


Meet Ebonie, a very enthusiastic 3 months old lab/pit mix puppy!


Truth be told, when I first met her she was a little too full of puppy energy (very excited, demanding treats, etc). Then she found the toy and played with it by herself for a while and became more focused.


We played fetch (she was quite good at it- sitting while I threw the toy) and tug, and I even got to rub her belly more than a few times when she was still chewing on the toy. She was also more relaxed and calmer as time went on.


She even managed a couple of very nice ‘sits’ for treats.


Near the end, she had a big grin and you could tell she was very happy. She seems to be a fairly easygoing puppy, and she gets along well with other dogs, too.


If you are interested in Ebonie, please visit her in Kennel 48. For more information on Ebonie, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.



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