Featured Dog: Amos / Jameson – ADOPTED!


This handsome dog with the beautiful brown eyes is Amos, a 18 months old shepherd mix.


One thing that surprised me about Amos is his large size – he’s very long! He’s a very gentle giant, though.


Amos enjoys giving kisses, being hugged, and sitting for treats.


He’s very food motivated and attentive, as you can see in many of his photos.


Despite his size, he is actually one of the best walkers- he already has very nice leash manners! He would make a terrific hiking buddy- he loves to explore.


He gets along with other dogs, and would be a great second canine companion.


Amos would be a wonderful dog for first time dog owners, and for those seeking an easygoing, affectionate adult dog without the energetic frenzy that comes with puppyhood.


If you are interested in Amos, please come visit him in Kennel 26. For more information on Amos, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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4 Responses to Featured Dog: Amos / Jameson – ADOPTED!

  1. Julia Love says:

    We will be fostering Amos and are very excited to be getting to know him.

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  3. Julia Love says:

    We have now had Jameson (Formerly Amos) for 2 weeks and absolutely adore him. He is gentle, beautiful, respectful, friendly and fun. He loves our dog, our cats, us, and any visitors, including children. He is a wonderful dog!

  4. beverly Eischen says:

    Julia , Im very interested in meeting Jameson, and maybe adopting , have no ideal how to go about this for I have just started looking and I I really think that he might be a fun dog .. We have just lost our big boy after 14 years have never adopted before could you please send me some information also how big is he ? I have a cat and I’m retired have lots of family…My Email is oande@nc.rr.com thanks Bev

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