Featured Dog: Clover – GBNF


This very happy girl is Clover, a 1-1 1/2 years old boxer mix.


The first thing you notice about her is how much she ADORES being near you. Look at that face!


It doesn’t take much to keep Clover happy. For example, take her to a big yard full of squeaky toys and she’ll joyfully play with them.


Here’s a video:

Then she’ll ask for treats, wiggling her butt the whole time.


And play with you for a bit (okay, not really- this photo is after she got a treat but the look on her face was funny!).


And she’ll ask again, in an endearing way.


Clover will then express her gratitude with a big smile.


Which only gets bigger when she realizes you have a big pocketful of treats…just for her.


She has a gentle mouth for a dog with very strong food motivation skill. (She does know sit, by the way).


Clover also loves to be petted- her favorite thing is to lean against you and look at you lovingly while you scratch her neck or ears (just a warning: your foot might fall asleep at this point).


Only one caveat- Clover does not care for other dogs and would be best as a single dog.

If you are interested in her, please come visit Clover in Kennel 15. For more information on Clover, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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