Featured Dog: Tennyson – ADOPTED!


This is Tennyson, a 6-7 months old lab/terrier mix who’s very energetic, goofy, and very playful. Oh, and who is also very food motivated and most definitely knows his sits (and seems to understand that benches and chairs are made just for that).


Sadly, I did not get any photos of him playing with his toys but believe me when I tell you he loves playing. He’ll move from one stuffed animal to another, and loves playing fetch. When he gets tired of fetch, he collects all of his toys into one shaded spot and lies there, panting and looking satisfied.


Tennyson is  either very smart, or is a very keen observer of humans. For example,  I didn’t ask him to sit on the chair- he did it all by himself! He most definitely would enjoy agility, flyball, frisbee, or all of the above! He’d also enjoy being your running partner!


He also seems to have a sense of humor. Pfffttt!


Edited: Tennyson now has gone to Triangle Pets Alive. For more information, go to their site.


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