Puppy Friday: Julie – ADOPTED!


This happy girl is Julie, a 4 months old lab/spaniel mix.


She’s at that stage where she’s not completely full grown, but she’s definitely grown out of the puppy-fat stage.


She looks a little like a hound, but her ears are very soft and long, like a spaniel’s. I think she is best described as a “very leggy spaniel.”


We didn’t really play with toys this time, but I suspect Julie would have a ball chasing them around.


As you can see, Julie already knows ‘sit’ and is very food motivated.


“Treats? Did somebody say treats?”


She is also learning the head tilt ™. You know, if the puppy eyes don’t work, then a head tilt with the same eyes should do the trick…of getting you to give her a treat!


Julie is a little shy about being petted, but does not mind. I suspect she’ll be more affectionate once she gets more confidence (training should help).


Julie lives with her sister, June, and gets along with other dogs. She probably would not mind an older and wiser canine mentor!


“Look at me! I’m this way!”


“I smell hot dogs!”


“Please? pretty please?”


If you are interested in Julie, please visit her in Kennel 16. For more information on Julie, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


Update: Here are some new videos of Julie:

Julie learning how to sit:

Julie’s response to a toy: “It’s nice and all, but it’s not food!”

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2 Responses to Puppy Friday: Julie – ADOPTED!

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  2. RescueABoxer says:

    Jullie is such a sweet dog. Love the pictures. Hope she finds a nice home

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