Puppy Friday: Naomi – ADOPTED!


This sweet and beautiful little girl is Naomi, a 4 months old brindle pit/hound mix.


Naomi is a little shy, and doesn’t quite understand ‘sit’ though she is attentive and makes eye contact before she gets a treat.


Despite her shyness, Naomi warms up very quickly to delicious treats and warm laps.


In fact, when she sits on your lap, she likes to lean against you and have her ruff scratched.


If you bring your face close enough, she’ll give you a kiss. And be prepared not to move for a long time, because Naomi loves sitting in your lap (maybe she could be a good couch potato dog? Sofa companion?)


Here’s a video of our training session:

If you are interested in Naomi, please visit her in kennel 18. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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2 Responses to Puppy Friday: Naomi – ADOPTED!

  1. My nana has a dog just like Naomi. Yesterday, we went round there, and their dog – Mack – decided to sit on my lap. Two problems. One: he’s about twice the size of my lap. Two: I couldn’t get up again to leave! Great post 🙂

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