Featured Dog: Theo – ADOPTED!


This cuddly rockstar of a dog is Theo, a 6 months old collie/chow mix.


He seems big for a puppy, and I have a hard time believing this guy is still a puppy. He’s one of the most polite, trainable, and calmest puppies I’ve met.


As you can see, Theo is also very trainable! He sits eagerly for treats, and “pouts” adorably when he doesn’t get them.


I think I’ve made him wait long enough, don’t you think? Okay, Theo, here you go…


Look at that smile! Theo is especially good at smiling to show that he’s happy, whether it’s a treat, a toy, headrubs, or a good walk. He has wonderful leash manners and will look back to check on you.


If you are interested in Theo, please come visit him in Kennel 40. For more information on Theo, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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7 Responses to Featured Dog: Theo – ADOPTED!

  1. Julia Love says:

    We will be fostering Theo next week (7/23) so shortly we’ll have a good idea of how he does in a house (which also has another dog and 2 cats).

    • Christine Brown says:

      I am very interested in meeting Theo – we are looking to add a calm and gentle dog to our home, which currently includes one grumpy kitty! If you could indicate how he is with cats, that would be wonderful. I hope to meet him!

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  3. Julia Love says:

    Theo is settling in nicely, although he’s not fully settled. He has met and liked our dog and one of our cats (the other one is shy). Theo, our dog and our cat are now all happily lying next to each other in the office while I work.

    • Christine Brown says:

      Hi Julia! Could you provide any further info on how Theo is doing, especially with your cats? His bio mentions he’s nervous around dogs – how is that going? We would be interested in hearing more about him and meeting him. Thanks!

  4. Lara says:

    Last month we adopeted Cleo (Libby) from the Durham Animal Shelter. We came to look at her and Theo and fell in love with them both. We could only choose 1 and were so sad to leave Theo behind. He’s and awesome dog and I really hope he ends up with an amazing family.

  5. Julia Love says:

    Lara, he did- Christine (above) and her husband Adam adopted Theo- now Bento or Ben- and he’s been terrific for them. Theo/Ben was a wonderful foster dog and we miss him but are happy he’s in his forever home.

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