Featured Dog: Dominique – ADOPTED!


Meet Dominique, a 2-3 years old Manchester terrier/whippet mix (this is a best guess. I would also add that she is part deer, if only because she looks like one).


This is the smile she gives you when she’s sitting for a treat. Most Manchester terriers/whippet mixes I’ve met have tended to look solemn, but not Dominique.


She really is that cheerful.


She also likes to play with toys, and seemed rather playful with another dog we met earlier on our walk.


She also has beautiful big ears- all the more to listen to you!


Dominique would also be a good choice for those seeking small to medium dogs- she’s approximately 20? 25? lbs and while she is a bit taller than most toy breeds, she’s also very lean.


It’s fun to watch her walk and prance around on those legs.


Dominique is very food motivated and would love to learn more tricks.


If you are interested in Dominique, please come visit her in Kennel 18. For more information on Dominique, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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3 Responses to Featured Dog: Dominique – ADOPTED!

  1. Tiff says:

    Hi! Thanks for everything you do for Dominique and the other dogs!
    I’m currently looking to add a small breed dog into my lifestyle. I currently own one very well trained lab mix (75 lb). Dominique’s description is very attractive… food motivated, toy driven, and attentive, are exactly what I’m looking for. Trick training is my hobby and even outside of that I’m looking for a very high energy dog that can keep up with the over 3 miles of walking, biking, playing, and training that I do with my current dog. The only thing holding me back is she is a *little* older (what makes you think 2-3 years?) and a little bigger (looking for around 15 lb) than what I was going for. I think I could get around the size factor. But age is really important to me because my current dog is 6 years old and I want a nice, big gap between their ages for selfish reasons I’m sure you understand…
    Maybe I’ll pay Kennel 18 a visit soon!

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