Puppy Friday: Kimmie – ADOPTED!


This cute girl is Kimmie, a 4-5 months old border collie mix. Maybe she has a little shepherd thrown in, because of her very tall ears…


You’d think she was very serious all the time, what with the ears and the look, but no, she’s very goofy. As a matter of fact, she’s very playful, and she absolutely loves to run around with a toy in her mouth and play with it (throw it in air, pounce on it, do it all over again like it’s the greatest thing in the world).


Despite all her energy, she’s actually very food motivated. (Okay, she’s both toy and food motivated, which is good because now you know how to get her attention if one method doesn’t work :-)) She does a lovely sit and is working on ‘fetch’ (she’d much rather play by herself, which is not a bad thing if you get tired).


Kimmie would be idea for an active person, such as a runner or hiker (she’d love to go exploring), and would be a very fun dog to train and may like agility classes in the future.


She gets along with other dogs (she did played nicely with other puppies)  and would be a great second dog for the older canine who needs some encouragement.  Here are a few photos of Kimmie playing:


If you are interested in Kimmie, please come visit her in Kennel 29. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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