Featured Dog: Desmond – ADOPTED!


If you love labs or big dogs, you should meet Desmond, a year old lab/shepherd mix.


He’s mostly fullgrown, thank goodness, because he has very long legs. Like most labs, he loves his toys and playing fetch and running around.


Also, like most labs, he can be a complete goofball. For example, the photo above? That’s his “please put the toy/treat here” pose.  He actually taps the spot on the ground.


Not that I listen to him… I just toss the toy in the air and he jumps up and gets it every time.


He also knows sit, but you might have a hard time not laughing as he looks up at you like this.


This is what I call his “cleaning house” move. You know, “Look ma, I’m collecting all my toys…once I get this silly squeaker out.”


“I’m cleaning my room. I really am. Also, I did not eat the cookie that you left on the coffee table. Really. But it was delicious.”


“In the meantime, why is this dang ball so noisy? Must. get. it. quiet.”


“You’re home! Are we going out? Now? Now? Now!”


“Did I hear you say the word treat?”


“Trying…. to… stop… drooling. I’m good. I really am.”


“Okay, I’ve sat long enough. Where’s my treat?”


“Yay treats! Happy happy joy joy!”

Can you tell it’s impossible not to have fun with him around?

If you are interested in Desmond, please come visit him in Kennel 37. For more information on Desmond, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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3 Responses to Featured Dog: Desmond – ADOPTED!

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  2. Frances Foster says:

    This young guy has grown up at the animal shelter and is one of the best dogs I have been around. He needs a good home!! Yes, he is big but is wonderful:)

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