Featured Dog: Noelle – ADOPTED!


Meet Noelle, a 6 months old shepherd/collie puppy with quite a history.


She didn’t always look this happy- she was dropped off (anonymously) at the shelter around Christmas and was dressed up in a Santa outfit, including the hat. No one has claimed her, and Noelle was understandably skittish and very nervous about her surroundings.


She’s doing so much better now– currently she’s learning how to sit for treats and to walk nicely on a leash.


She also enjoys her toys and loves running around.


Looking back at the photos, there are times when Noelle’s breed confuses me a bit. When her ears are up, she looks a bit like a corgi, though that might be her small size. Her coloring reminds me very much of a JRT, though she’s too big to be one. And her fur is very soft and smooth but shorthaired. Oh well, I’m going to assume that this just means she has best of everything! 🙂


Noelle is still working on her anxiety-for example, she doesn’t seem to like other dogs- she’d run and bark at them. But when I scooped her up and hugged her, she instantly calmed down and gave me a kiss.


I think she’s going to be a very good snuggler.


Aren’t her folded ears very cute?


If you are interested in Noelle, please come visit her in Kennel 32. For more information on Noelle, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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