Featured Dog: Dozer – ADOPTED!


Meet Dozer, a 1-1 1/2 years old black lab/pit mix.


At first he may seem like another black dog with beautiful amber brown eyes…


But there is so much more to him. For instance, he is a complete goofball when it comes to playing with toys. Just give him a large space to run and a few toys and you will be laughing hard in no time.


He is also very social – he wanted to greet every person he met on his way, and I think he wanted to greet other dog walkers (he has his favorites too) rather than other dogs. I would definitely say he is a people pleaser- the charismatic kind you want to have at a party. He’s also nice, though a bit aloof, towards other dogs, but he might change his mind once he gets comfortable and settled.


He’s still working on his ‘sit’ for treats, but he does not have a problem focusing. I think obedience classes will help his confidence– he does get a little cautious around new people).


But once Dozer gets to know you, he becomes a total lover boy. He must have an ever-expanding list of personal favorites in his head…


The fact that Dozer loves to be petted is an understatement. Just look at these photos! (And yes, he is one of those “head on your lap” dogs.)


I particularly love the photo below because you can see the warm, loving look Dozer has after I rubbed his ears.


If you are interested in Dozer, please come visit him in Kennel 5. For more information on Dozer, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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One Response to Featured Dog: Dozer – ADOPTED!

  1. Dozer is so handsome. He reminds me of my foster dog. Good luck!

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