Puppy Friday: Sparkle – ADOPTED!


This adorable pit mix puppy is Sparkle. She’s about 6 weeks old.


She is also understandably tiny, though that doesn’t stop her from asking you to give her treats.


As you can see, she is very food motivated and will be very fun to train.


She also loves toys and enjoys chewing on them.


The funny part about Sparkle is that she tends to be very wiggly (and waggly) when she first meets you. But when you pick her up and pet her, she becomes very calm and comfortable.


Here’s a video of Sparkle learning how to ‘sit’: Vine Video


If you are interested in Sparkle, please come visit her at the shelter (she currently resides in the medical pavillon, so please ask at the front desk). For more information on Sparkle, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham or leave a comment below.


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2 Responses to Puppy Friday: Sparkle – ADOPTED!

  1. wilbert j mealy says:

    She’s adorable! Is she part red nosed pitbull,and possibly part labrador? I’m very intetrsted in adopting her.

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