Puppy Friday: Mork – ADOPTED!


This is Mork, a 3-4 months old lab/pit mix. I must warn you that he is incredibly cute and that there are pictures of insane adorableness ahead.


When I first met Mork, he was a very snuggly puppy- he loved to be held and have his belly rubbed.


He was also very attentive and good at sit, though he preferred to snuggle.


He was also very hard to say no to. (He still is.)


So that was Mork when I first met him. Fast forward three weeks later (thanks a lot, allergies), Mork is still cute and tiny, but he’s changed in some ways.


For one thing, he’s gotten very comfortable with his toys and people. Look at that position! He isn’t as snuggly as before, but he still loves his bellyrubs. You want proof? It takes less than six seconds to go from a treat to a bellyrub here (Vine video).


He’s also a little more mature- he definitely knows his ‘sit’ and while he does not know ‘down’ command, he lies down very easily. He’ll be very, very fun to take to obedience school.


He’s also gotten good at making pleading faces 🙂


Right now, Mork is in the middle of a teething stage (normal for all puppies), but he’s also getting very good at learning that people are not for chewing 🙂


Also, when there’s toys and treats on offer for chewing, people are there to give him unlimited bellyrubs, at least in Mork’s opinion.



Here’s one more video of Mork doing what he does best if you can stand it: Vine video


If you are interested in Mork, please come visit him in Kennel 47. For more information on Mork, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

Note: the featured puppy can be located at Animal Protection Society of Durham

2117 E. Club Blvd Durham, NC 27704. You can also call 919.560.0640 for more information.

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