Featured Dog: Della – ADOPTED!

DellaSweet, gentle Della is a lab mix of about 2 years old. She is a fantastic dog. Sure, I say that about most every dog. But I really mean it this time. Della is a real gem.

Della CollageClearly, she was born to do agility. She loves the jumps!

Della4She loves food treats and takes them so gently. She has nice manners already. And she was eager to show Eileen everything she knows. Training this girl will be so fun.

Della2She already enjoys the finer things in life and would never turn down a tummy rub.

Della1And modest. Della is not one to brag but I’ll tell you another thing. She is one of our play group dogs and would do well with a companion. But, you know, she would also like all the attention.

If you are interested in Della, please come meet her in person. She’s such a love.

Note: the featured dog can be located at Animal Protection Society of Durham
2117 E. Club Blvd Durham, NC 27704. You can also call 919.560.0640 for more information.

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