Bull City Dogs was originally started by Eunice Chang, a volunteer at Durham Animal Protection Society. It is now maintained by other volunteers at APS of Durham.


7 Responses to About

  1. Doris O'Quinn says:

    Such lovely dogs and such kindness knowledge,and appreciation of the personality of each you have shown..they are indeed blessed to have known you at this time in their lives as they go forward to have a life with a family of their own, finally. Your pictures brought a smile to my heart for them…This will help to dispel the unwarranted anxiety most have of the Pit breed, due to the breed having been so badly abused and mistreated. Please continue to speak for them through your kind words and photos.

  2. Kristina says:


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog posts. You capture these wonderful animals beautifully and honestly. The fact that so many have been adopted is a testament to your talent. Thank you so much for your good work. It means so much and I can’t wait until I move into my new house this summer. I will definitely be adopting another dog once I have the extra space!

  3. Delexcio says:

    i want to know if i can adopt wyonna the pit mix with hound

  4. i want to adopt wyonna

  5. RMJ says:

    Hi there! I run a blog about happy dogs called Hell Yes Happy Dogs. I came across you on Flickr and I just love your site. This upcoming Monday the first, I’m going to feature dogs from your site for my weekly feature Adopt-Me Monday. Posts with your pictures will be fully credited, with a link back to your site and more information about how to go about adopting each of the dogs. Hopefully, people will share these dogs and help them find homes!

    If this doesn’t work for you, let me know. Thanks!

  6. Alex says:

    God bless you for the tremendous work you do for these lovely dogs! They are so blessed to have your wonderful photos to help find them loving homes.

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